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Saturday, July 28th 2012

3:45 AM

Dutch underage nude


Related article: Newsgroups: alt.sex.motss Subject: STORY: restless.txt From: dg49+andrew.cmu.edu (David A. Gillespie) Date: 23 Apr 91 22:32:45 GMT Organization: Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA Lines: 183The Hot and the Restless by Cowboy Lewis After getting my AB ticket, I shipped aboard a freighter on a trip around the world, three months and twenty two ports. Now this could be interesting. It was mid July when I joined the new S/S Franklin and crossing the north Atlantic in July can be hot. Most of the crew of 43 either wore cutoff jeans, or nothing at all. The crossing was uneventful, the crew were getting acquainted, sooner or later they would buddy up. I decided to be a loner, I was burnt once with a shipboard romance and didn't want that again, it was to fresh in my mind. Our first port of call was to be Bremen Germany. We had heavy machinery to off load and general cargo to take aboard. We arrived late on a Thursday afternoon, to late to start cargo. The deck crew started to rig the cargo gear after supper, continuing on till bbs nymphs underage midnight. We were all dog ass tired, turned in. Morning came only to soon, we were all on port watch (from 8 AM to 5 PM). I was assigned the 4 cargo hatch right aft of the galley (good place to be). I had to count the pieces of cargo off loaded. My counter part from the stevedore company was a tall, blonde, blue eyed, well built fucker named Hans. Fortunately he spoke very good English, we made friends (I'd be a fool not too). He was an avid hiker. He told me of trips he had made through France, Germany and Poland. He was I'd say about 22 or so and did all this hiking on his summer vacation from the university. I was interested and he offered to take me hiking over the weekend, he had already planned a trip for himself, I'd just tag along. We left Bremen by public transportation to the end of the line. It was about 6 PM and plenty of daylight left. We headed out on the country road going no place in particular. Hans said he knew of a farm where they would let us sleep in the hayloft, and if we help feed the livestock in the morning would give us breakfast. We arrived just about dusk, the farmers wife liked Hans (who the fuck wouldn't) gave us milk and cake before we went to the barn. The hay was fresh and smelled underage fuck cock good. We took off our boots, lay in the hay and said little, Hans seemed to be dozing. I had dozed too and when I woke it was dark with only the moon shining through the loft door. I looked at Hans and was surprised (pleasantly). he was balls ass naked. I got up and stripped and getting a hard on at the same time. Hans lay on his stomach and his well formed ass looked good, I wanted it. I lay underage model index alongside of him calculating how to start fucking around. I was gently running my hand up and down my cock, it getting harder and harder wanting to black underage sex jackoff, but waiting, he stirred. Stretching he looked at me and smiled saying "feels good doesn't it?". I didn't have to guess as to what he meant, replying "shit yes". I had to piss, got up and headed to the loft door. I heard Hans say "going to piss?" I answered to the affirmative, he hesitated then said "how about pissing on me?" I was suprised, but what the fuck why not? I walked over to him, he was on his back, legs slightly apart, his cock gently resting on his stomach half hard. I stood astraddle of him and started to piss. aiming at his crotch and russia underage balls. The stream was good and it splashed on his crotch making a little splattering sound. I directed the stream up further onto his cock, this started to make him hard and he run his hand down to his balls. I was rock hard and throbbing, this was fun I thought and dropped to my knees putting my cock between his legs to let the last of the stream go to underage smoking statistics his balls. It was thin by now because of the hard cock. I laid on top of him with my hard cock between his legs slowly fucking, we both stiffened and raised his body to meet mine. It was warm and wet between us, a slight odor of urine filled the air, it was exciting as I had never done anything like this before. His breathing quickened and he put his arms around my shoulders pulling me down to him. I put my arms around his neck and we embraced, kissing long and hard. Our tongues, mine over his, then side by side. His saliva tasted good, sweet from the cake, we kissed again. Hans rolled me over slowly onto my back, fucking all the time. He supported his body with his elbows to lighten the weight making fucking easier and pleasant. We both russian underage girlspics quickened our pace, but both of us wanted to make it last as long as we could, our first time fucking we wanted to be a special fuck. Hans cock rested between my legs, hard and probing, the head of it pushing up by my balls. It was wet and moved very easily, not digging or pulling hair, it felt strong and demanding. Our breathing quickened and I could tell he was sexo underage getting ready to cum, I was ready too, my balls ached to cum. Our rhythm heightened and we fucked faster. We both groaned at the same time and cum shot out. He had cum in my crotch, and I on our stomachs. We kissed and slowly let our rhythm subside until we lay motionless, Hans slide down my side and lay facing me. We both dropped off to a deep sleep. Being an early riser I woke before dawn. Hans lay on his back, his breathing slow and steady with a thickened cock resting on his stomach, a sight to behold. I lay on my side facing him in order to drink in all this beauty, my cock beginning to swell. I reached out and gently ran my hand over his stomach up to his chest and over to his tits. This aroused him and his cock began to respond. He only shifted his head and one arm, still sleeping, I ran my fingers lightly over his tit, it hardened, then to the other tit, it responded in the same way. I took my hand off his chest and crouched alongside of him, taking the head of his cock lightly in my mouth rolling my tongue over the head of it, it hardened. Gently sucking the head of his cock I moved down the shaft letting the full length penetrate the depths of my throat. His breathing quickened and became deeper, he stirred and woke. His first comment was "you fuck trying to steal my cum, I should fuck the shit out of you", his hand was in the middle of my shoulders, he pushed down wanting me to suck harder and deeper, I obeyed his command, sucked harder and deeper, his cock grew harder and throbbed. The faint taste of urine was still on his cock and I could still slightly smell it in his crotch. It tasted and smelled good, I liked it. His breathing came labored and his muscles tightened, I swung to a 69 position putting my cock on his face. Hans started to lick my cock and down to underaged thai porn my balls. Up to this point he had not tried to suck, I was hopeful. He stiffened and it wasn't going to be long before he would cum, I sucked harder and as deep as I could, his 7" cock tasted good. Hans put his two hands on my waist pushed up slightly and took the head of my cock in his mouth, with that he blew his load, breathing deep and fast with a little groan, he was spent. I rolled off him, turned and lay at his side, stroking his stomach with my hand and lay my head on his arm. When he had gotten his breath he looked at me, half smiling said "You fucking bastard you made a queer out of me, that's the first time I ever sucked cock." "Did you like it?" "Fuck yes" he replied as he leaned over a kissed me on the lips. We heard a rustling noise below, got up put our shorts and boots on and started down the ladder The farmer spoke only broken English and said "Gootmorn" mostly for my benefit, then turned to Hans and conversed in German. We helped feed the cattle and clean out the stalls, then put the underage foreign film horses to pasture. All to the memories of my uncles farm in Illinois. After our chores we headed for the house where breakfast was waiting. We were hungry and we must have devoured everything in sight, it was the best meal I have had in weeks (shipboard food leaves much to be desired). When finished, Hans thanked them in German and I nodded approval, we started out across the field. My curiosity as to why we were going across the field underage link nude instead of the road got the better of me, I asked "where the fuck are we headed?" "There's a lake out here where we can take a bath, we need it don't you think?"....I guess we dutch underage nude did stink a little, but we wore it well. The sun was climbing the skies and it started to get hot, we hiked on. I shed my shirt and Hans warned "be careful don't get sunburned, then I can't fuck you without you crying about the burn." I put the shirt back over my shoulders. Shortly we cam to a small gathering of trees, it was cool, we headed to the other side of them. There before us lay stretched a small clear pool of water. It was inviting and we accepted the invitation, kicking off our boots boob underage we plunged in cloths and all. It was like two small boys taking a swim in a forbidden lake. It was fun as we undressed each other, groping or lol pics underage just grabbing each others ass. Hans had said he wanted to fuck me in the ass and he was going to take advantage of this situation to do just that. We threw our cloths up on shore and started to wrestle in the water. I stood up Hans came from behind me and put his arms around my waist holding me tight. His hard cock was finding its way through the crease of my ass, probing, looking, wanting. I stood still with my head back on his shoulders, my cheek against his, wanting to be fucked. After a few strokes of his cock in the crease of my ass, we started for shore, laying down on the soft meadow grass. It was cool in the shade of the trees. I lay on my back while Hans mounted on top, his hard underage link nude cock throbbing. I opened my legs for him and he slide between them, looking for his mark. He found home and with one push he penetrated. It felt good to have his hard, warm throbbing cock in my ass. Hans slowly started a rhythm that set our pace, I schoolgirl sex underage raised to met of his strokes. Our breathing quickened, our muscles tightened, his pace quickened and was harder with each stroke. We both were on the verge to cum, I started to jackoff while Hans fucked harder. With one hard push he groaned, threw his back and took a deep breath. I could feel his cock pulsating and knew he had cum. I quickened my stokes on my cock, my stomach muscles tightened and I bust my nuts. Hans lay on top of me and my cum moisten our stomachs. metart underaged bbs We lay exhausted for a while, our cocks going back to a wilt, Hans pulled his half hard cock from my ass and lay along my side holding me, we drifted off asleep. It was an hour or two that we slept and when we woke we both were hungry. I spread our half dried cloths out on underage twat dutch underage nude tree branches while Hans prepared our meal. We had brought canned food for such cases. It was beans and corned beef (both cold), be we were to hungry to pay any attention. After finishing, our cloths were dry enough to put on, we cleaned up our mess and head back to the road. After coming to the road, underage girl undressing underage naked teams we turned westward and head back to Bremen. We wanted plenty of time to get back. Fortunately a farmer taking produce to Bremen picked us up and within a couple of hours we were back at the trolley. Thanking the farmer for the ride, we boarded the trolley for ride back to town. At the center of town, I transferred to a dock bound bus, while Hans continued on the trolley. Sunday was a day of rest (and I needed it) spending most of it underage gay chat laying on deck in the sun and thinking about Hans. Monday morning came only too soon. After breakfast I stood by the side of the ship at the 4 hatch watching the stevedores getting the cargo gear ready. Coming down the dock, cap on the back of his, smiling, was Hans. He waved and yelled up to me "I'm on the limmy's ship aft you." I nodded and waved back knowing that was probably the last time I would see Hans, but enough memories lingered for a lifetime. We sailed from Bremen at 2200 (that's 10 PM for you landlubbers) for Lisbon Portugal....but then again, that is another story.+---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | David A Gillespie Jr | underage incest galleries | | ---------------------------------- | "The greatest freedom is the | | dg49+andrew.cmu.edu | freedom to be one's self." -MB | | ah978cleveland.freenet.edu | bbs nymphs underage | +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+
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Saturday, July 28th 2012

12:00 AM

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